The Urban Data Platform 

A data led solution to gaining and delivering better insight.


In response to a £5.5 billion regeneration scheme which included the addition of a shopping centre (Westfield) and a complete revamp of their main hight street, Croydon Council had partnered with Connected Space to come up with a solution that would allow successful management of the works while keeping disruption as minimal as possible.

In response to the problem Connected Space had proposed a map​ ​based​ ​urban​ ​dashboard​ ​with​ ​the​ ​ability​ ​to​ ​integrate,​ ​automate​ ​and​ ​visualise multiple​ ​data​ ​sources to allow the council to manage the works. My role was to make sure that we built to cater to our users at Croydon council.


Because Connected Space and Croydon Council had partnered I was allowed to embed with a few key teams at Croydon Council. After a while talking to the the teams it became clear what the main drivers for the project where


Automating manual data entry to save time and mitigate human error. 

Data visualisation

Give the teams a way to see what was really happening in the council in real time so that they could react fast.

Accessibility & usability

Give the teams a tool that they could all understand and use to allow for faster cross departmental decision making.

Sitting with the teams was really important to my overall design I left with a greater sense of appreciation for Councils in the UK and the responsibility they shoulder.


At this stage of the project and armed with all my research and flowed out all the potential journeys in the application as best as I could with the information I had. I then worked alongside the product owner and business analyst to select the key journeys and ensure that they foresaw no issues with the way I wrote them. 


I then began wireframing the key journeys that we had identified and took these early prototype into Croydon Council to test with the teams. I tested 7 more iterations during this process.

One of the most challenging aspects to the project was designing the Information architecture. The dashboard of our platform was intended for 3 distinct teams at Croydon council each with their own bunch of specific data they want overlaid on the map while retaining visibility of the other teams data. 

I solved this problem by running several open and closed card sorting exercises at croydon council as back at our offices.

Half way through the project our product team decided to make a video to help promote the project.

To see me talk about the project go to the 1:00 minute mark of the video.

The visual designer and I then began applying the visuals to the design. We spent a while liaising with branding and marketing at Croydon council to ensure that all of our decisions were in line with their style guide and patterns. Below are some of the iterations.

6.0 Roadworks icon & overlay.png
Satellite view - Map button.png
Filter Expanded.png

Sadly that was all the work that I would get to do on the Urban Data Platform as I left Connected Space shortly after to head to Metro bank.

Thanks for reading my case study on the Urban Data Platform, as always please feel free to hit me up and comment or if you would like to collaborate.