IDEO, Human-centered design challenge

The Challenge

As part of the annual IDEO Human-centered design challenge, a few of my classmates from General Assembly, our tutor and I decided to form a team in order to partake. After the initial readings that served to acquaint the team to the Human-centered design philosophy, we were given a chance to select a design challenge from a few preset options. Our team selected the "how might we provide healthier food options for people in need?" design challenge.

The Solution

Based on our research, sourced by talking to individuals whom we believed would fall in the people in need category and a bunch of experts who ran food banks and organisations in the field as well as several site visits in order to see our users in the right context we decided that the best solution would be to try to make healthy eating at the right price easier by designing an application that would allow users to select from a list of healthy recipes based on time and money and then allow them to listen to a playlist overlaid with instructions while they cooked. Below is the Low-fidelity prototype that we are currently testing that we will slowly be bringing up as we begin to test more vigorously. Case study to follow shortly.