NHM (conceptual project)

The Challenge

Worked as part of a 4 person team in a 2 week sprint on this conceptual project for the Natural History Museum where the brief required the design of an app feature that would give visitors at the museum a more engaging experience. 


The Process

We used the Double Diamond framework within which we conducted user interviews, created user journeys & empathy maps, affinity mapped for design problems, created personas, conducted design studios and designed & tested the prototyped journey over 3 different testing cycles to iterate to a mid-fidelity prototype. 


The Solution

We were able to make visits to the museum more engaging by designing a game that used location sensitive beacons to ask the user questions related to the exhibits they were walking through in the museum. The users were then rewarded for correct answers with virtual stickers that saved to the 'Explorers log' section of the application. We created a character named George to lead our primary users who after our research we found out were children.